TBFSwriter is a cost effective, comprehensive trial balance software and financial statement building package. It incorporates the same innovative easy statement building features found in GOVwriter to provide efficient trial balance software designed to create professional quality statements. Most professional statement drafters are using time consuming spreadsheet applications to build financial statements or accepting the often unprofessional appearing statements generated by low cost accounting software packages. TBFSwriter is the perfect solution. With its drag and drop statement build functions and its efficient trial balance import feature, most users will be able to produce true professional quality statements in just a few minutes per entity.


Trial Balance Features
  • Excel import function allows trial balances to be imported from most general ledger software
  • Consolidation of an unlimited number of entities
  • Perfect for consolidating entities using different accounting software
  • Separate columns and adjusting entries for both general ledger /GAAP basis and tax basis entries
  • Separate columns for prior period comparative data, year –to-date, latest interim period amounts, and budget data
  • Consolidating eliminations
  • Mini write-up feature for cash receipts and check register entries
  • Copy/roll-forward feature to reduce subsequent period statement building to just a few minutes per trial balance
  • Reviewer trial balance lockdown and date-time stamping
  • Drag and drop statement building feature to make process quick and easy-no prior setup required!
  • Set up financial statement descriptions “on the fly”-no complex prior setup required

Statement Building Features
  • Diagnostics and spell checks to reduce errors
  • Complete set of professional appearing statements including:
    • Balance Sheet ( single period or comparative)
    • Year-to-date Changes in Equity (single period or comparative)
    • Year-to-date Operating Statement (single period or comparative)
    • Year-to -date Schedule of Sales (single period or comparative)
    • Year-to-date Schedule of Cost of Sales (single period or comparative)
    • Year-to-date Schedule of Selling, General and Administrative Expense (single period or comparative)
    • Most recent interim period Operating Statement
    • Most recent interim period Schedule of Sales
    • Most recent interim period Schedule of Cost of Sales
    • Most recent interim period Schedule of Selling, General and Administrative Expense
    • Full set of combining statements for both year-to -date and most recent interim period
    • Budget comparison schedules
Current Pricing (Prices subject to change)
Initial license (includes 5 user licenses) $1181.00  
Fee for each additional 5 user licenses $331.00  
Annual renewal $781.00  
Annual renewal for additional 5 users $331.00  
We will provide Limited IT support and Unlimited program user support.
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